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The Dynamic Cloud Control steam control system from FTNON and Eckert can offer between 30 and 90 per cent savings in energy costs

Niagara Falls, Ont. – Eckert Machines and FTNON (Food Technology Noord-Oost Nederland) have introduced the patented DCC (Dynamic Cloud Control) steam control system for cooking, blanching or disinfecting a full range of food products into Canada.

The DCC system is only meant for steam and can be used for preparing vegetables, fruit, potatoes, meat or fish.

The companies say the system won’t have any negative effect on product quality. And it offers automatic steam regulation – if there’s no product, there’s no steam.

The system can also offer between 30 per cent and 90 per cent savings in energy costs.


FTNON developed this highly efficient system to optimize energy usage by ensuring that all of the steam introduced into the machine is actually used in treating the food product.

Whether you need to sanitize, disinfect, eliminate bacteria, blanch or cook your product, FTNON’s DCC steam system can save you considerable energy dollars and typically improve the appearance and finished quality of your product.

Interested customers can contact Eckert in Ontario if they have questions about the system.

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