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SPECIAL Coverage: 2012 IFT Annual Meeting & Expo

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Food in Canada was at IFT and offers this roundup of some of the great innovations and products that were there

Las Vegas, Nev. – The Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) says its 2012 Annual Meeting & Food Expo was a huge success. The event, which took place in Las Vegas from June 26-28, attracted more than 18,000 attendees from nearly 80 countries.

The event featured 1,066 exhibitors, which was an eight per cent increase from last year, and offered 100 educational sessions and more than 1,000 poster sessions that provided information on the latest developments and trends in food science.

Innovation Awards
The 2012 IFT Food Expo Innovation Awards were also announced at the show. Only companies who were exhibiting were eligible and judging criteria included degree of innovation, technical advancement, benefits to food manufacturers and consumers, and scientific merit. The winners were:

• Advantix Systems
• Ampac
• Ecolab
• Glanbia Nutritionals


If you missed the show, there’s always next year’s IFT, which takes place in Chicago from July 12 to July 16.

Food in Canada attended this year’s show and offers this roundup of some of the exciting and innovative products and companies we saw.

Collagen proteins
GELITA provides collagen proteins (collagen peptides and gelatine), which are natural, healthy and non-allergenic ingredients and possess unique technical and physiological properties. Collagen proteins are natural stabilizers and emulsifiers and provide health benefits in the areas of physical mobility, weight managmenet and beauty from within.
GELITA showcased its dairy products with GELITA Gelatine, which can prevent syneresis in yogurt, optimize ice cream texture, and stabilize whipped creams and other foams.
It also showcased its PEPTIPLUS, which is a natural protein source, can strengthen connective tissue, is easy to process and has a high bioavailability.
The company also highlighted VERISOL for beauty from within, which can noticeably improve skin’s moisture and smooths wrinkles, can create new opportunities in the nutricosmetics market, offer easy implementation into existing formulas and does not compromise sensory profile.
GELITA also highlighted its other branded solutions, such as: VITARCAL for calorie management; FORTIGEL for joint health; GELITA GEL-LAC for ice cream; GELITA RTE-ICE for frozen and prepared meals; and GELIKO Kosher.

Sugar replacer
Sensus America Inc. launched its new Frutalose SF75, Sweet Chicory Fibre. The company says it has been shown to be an effective relacement for sugar in baked goods, particularly cookies. The company says the ingredient delivers 65 per cent of the sweetness of sugar and many of the same functional properties. The humectant properties of Frutalose SF75 are particularly relevant for these applications.
In the tested formula, invert syrup and HFCS, traditional humectants, were completely removed with no noticeable change in texture. The company adds that the level of margarine in the reduced sugar cookie was lowered to account for the added humectancy of Frutalose SF75.

The new NIRS DS2500 Dairy Powder analyzer is the next generation of near infrared analyzer that can help companies improve yield and reduce energy usage in powder production, says FOSS. The analyzer’s new design offers usability, instrument standardization and seamless transferability of calibrations from existing NIR solutions and across multiple installed units.
The company says it’s designed for use in the laboratory or at the production line. It is also suitable for other applications.

Fresh ideas
Univar Food Ingredients offers clients a portfolio of performance ingredients and services to help simplify their businesses. The company created the Univar Food Function Library tools to offer clients more options in their formulation challenges.
At this year’s show, the company showcased new formulations with the Less is More healthy reduction formulation tool. Visitors could sample Twist’n, a tropical energy drink with natural caffeine, and Crave, a chocolate cinnamon snack bar with real cranberries.

Ingredient solutions
Chr. Hansen is a bioscience company that develops natural ingredient solutions for the food, nutritional, pharmaceutical and agricultural industries.
The company produces cultures and dairy enzymes, probiotics and natural colours.
The company offers natural colours for beverages, confectionary and ice cream.
It also offers CapColors, a line of natural colour pigments normally oil-soluble or completely water soluble, and are made to be water dispersible.
Its ColorFruit products are blends of juices and extracts developed to provide a specific shade and improved stability in application. ColorFruit products are made from stable anthocyanins, which are the colour pigments found in edible fruits and vegetables.
Its FruitMax products are obtained from selected raw materials such as fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices. FruitMax products are minimally processed and do not contain preservatives.

Purac offers ingredients produced from renewable agricultural products and are used in a broad range of foods and beverages for natural preservation, food safety, shelf life extention, sodium reduction, and flavour enhancement.
The company showcased its Puracal, which is ideal for calcium fortification of beverages. Puracal offers high solubility, high bioavailability and a neutral taste. It also has a minimal impact on application and process.
The company also showcased Verdad F95. The Verdad F line minimizes the need to use heavy processing. Verdad F95 can also further enhance the microbial hurdle.
The company also highlighted Verdad NV10, a label friendly ingredient designed to enhance shelf life and stabilize colour in fresh meat products. It is cultured corn sugar and can be labelled as such.
Also on display was Puracal XPro, a calcium lactate glutonate in the form of white, free flowing powder that is odourless and practically tasteless. It is a highly and quickly soluble salt that makes it suitable for fortification of drinks.

Ingredient solutions
Prinova offers high-quality ingredients, flavours and value-added solutions.
At the show the company highlighted its Lutein, a natural form of carotenoids and lipid metabolites. Now its available in various liquid or powder forms and concentrations.
The company also highlighted its Omega-3 in a powder and water-dispersible powder to meet specific formulations. The powders offer enhanced dissolution and dispersion for easier application into food preparations and beverages.
The company also highlighted its OvaSweet 120, a flavour solution for natural sweeteners. The company says it’s designed to work well in combination with high purity stevia sweeteners, as well as sugar and HFCS. It can enhance flavour, sweetness and the taste of food and beverages.
The company also showcased its Nutralys Pea Protein from Roquette.

Egg replacer
H & A Canada Inc. showcased its ProOvO Egg Replacer, a nutrient-rish, cholesterol-free and vegetarian friendly ingredient.
ProOvO Egg Replacer products can replace liquid and powder whole egg in noodles and pasta, along with bread and other bakery products. The company says the product offers cost savings compared to using eggs and it maintains and often improves the nutritional profile of finished products.
In breads and baked goods, ProOvO results in light, fluffy, moist treats. In pasta and noodle application, it replicates the same springy mouth feel. And for vegetarian bakery products without eggs, using ProOvO can enhance the quality as if eggs were added.

Pathogen diagnostics
The new Neogen ANSR from Neogen Corporation uses patent-pending, unique amplification reaction technology for in vitro DNA amplification. Unlike PCR, ANSR is isothermal, replicating DNA at a constant temperature using a polymerase to exponentially amplify the DNA at 56˚C.
The company says ANSR’s DNA amplification methodology exponentially amplifies the DNA of any target bacteria present in an enriched food sample to detectable levels in only 10 minutes. Target nucleic acid is amplified through a mechanism of polymerization from the ends of nicks created in double-stranded DNA by the action of a specific endonuclease. Amplified target sequences are detected in real time using fluorescent molecular beacon probes.

Sample preparation
CEM launched its MARS 6 Microwave Reaction System, which was designed to make microwave sample preparation effortless. The MARS 6 is versatile and can be configured for digestion, extraction or both. It can perform a variety of other chemistries including parallel or batch synthesis, protein hydrolysis, and evaporation/concentration.
It features full-colour touchscreen, eight gigabyte onboard controller, Powermax Power control, Method Library, acid- and impact-resistant composite shell and one-touch or MARS classic method programming.

Performance materials
Emerald Performance Materials manufactures additives and process aids for food and beverage companies. The company launched Kalama 3-Phenyl Propanol flavour and fragrance. Kalama Flavor Ingredients also includes cinnamic and other aldehydes. The Kalama 3PP can provide spicy and floral fragrance notes. The company also offers Hilton Davis FD&C Food Dye & Lake Colors; Purox High Purity Benzoic Acid and sodium and potassium benzoate antimicrobials/preservatives; Foam Blast; KFO; and ACEPOL Defoamers. The company also offers analytical testing and service.

Flavour appeal
Virginia Dare, a flavour and extract manufacturer, unveiled its new apple natural flavour creations. The new apple flavours include Macoun, Fuji and Honeycrisp.
The company is also working on developing Almond Milk beverages that would appeal to Hispanic consumers. There are four prototypes: Horchata, Dulce de Lece, Mexican Chocolate and Flan de Nuez.
The company’s Beverage Laboratories has created iced coffee units that can be dairy free or milk additive, varying in degree of coffee roast and flavoured with popular flavours. This new generation of iced coffee beverages is thinner in texture, more gulp-able and meal accompanying.
The company also showcased milk chocolate and dark chocolate flavoured black tea ready-to-drink beverages, which were made with Virginia Dare’s new tea concentrate TT99.

Maltodextrins and corn syrup solids
Grain Processing Corporation produces Maltrin, a registered trademark for maltodextrins and corn syrup solids. Maltodextrins are readily digestible carbohydrates. They provide four calories per gram and are metabolized by the body in the same way as glucose.
Quick-dispersing versions are also available. GPC also offers several lines of specialty starches, including PURE-COTE binding/coating starches, INSCOSITY cold water swelling starches, PURE-GEL stabilized starches, PURE-SET thin-boiling starches and PURE-DENT PFP and specialty starches. TruBran corn bran can deliver exceptionally high levels of dietary fibre for a variety of applications.

Fortified products
Fortitech Inc. specializes in custom fortification and product development. The company showcased nutrient-rich samples.
Visitors to the booth sampled PowerCap, a convenient way to deliver nutrients, flavours, colours, stabilizers and sweeteners in one complete powdered solution. The premix can be released into a beverage and its on-the-go delivery method means that nutrients are dispensed in an intact state. The company offered three samples: Black Raspberry or Strawberry Kiwi Flavoured Relaxation in a Cup, and Cranberry Flavoured Fatigue Fighter.
The company also showcased Fizzy Slimming Effervescent Tablet, Single Serve Hangover Helpers, and Bursting Bits Cherry Confectionery.

Market-driven ingredients
Naturex manufactures natural specialty ingredients and specializes in developing fruit and vegetable powders, natural flavourings, colourings, preservatives and healthy ingredients, as well as texturizing and taste improvement tailored solutions.
The company launched VegeBrite, a new palette of pure concentrates of fruits and vegetables.
The company also highlighted NAT taste ingredients that include Kemfe and Talin, natural solutions that can improve total taste.
Also the NAT F&V range that includes a variety of fruit and vegetable powders that can upgrade the flavour, enhance the nutritional profile and compliment the natural image.
The company also highlighted its NAT textur range offering a variety of textures.

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