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Sealant keeps vacuum packed meat fresher for longer

By Food in Canada magazine staff   

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A. van den Broek BV says combining its Hibassk high-barrier film with DuPont Surlyn’s sealant layer better preserves meat products

Geneva – The A. van den Broek BV company says combining its Hibassk high-barrier film with DuPont Surlyn sealant layer can help to preserve vacuum-packed meat for longer.

The company also found that the combination maintain the meat’s red colour and that the typical odour associated with conventional nylon-polyethylene film packaging was prevented from forming.

A van den Broek BV says the benefits are the result of combining the gentle vacuum skin packaging technology with the meat adhesion of Surlyn, which can also reduce the undesired release of meat juice.

Compared with commonly used PE sealant layers of similar efficiency, Surlyn also helps to save raw materials and energy by supporting both thinner film structures and lower heat-sealing temperatures without compromising on sealing performance.


Hibassk high-barrier skin film offers low-oxygen permeability of just 2 cm³/m²/day, which can support a long storage life of the packed meat.

Also, vacuum skin packaging typically involves less under-pressure and a shorter vacuum application cycle than conventional vacuum packaging. The meat pores are not sealed off quite as tightly, so that some – albeit restricted – interaction with the environment can still take place.

Further benefits of the Surlyn sealant layer include its excellent sealing efficiency; its very high puncture resistance, which is of particular importance when it comes to packaging meat with sharp bones; as well as its crystal-clear transparency, which enhances the product’s retail shelf appeal.

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