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New washdown motor can work in food environments

By Food in Canada magazine staff   

Facilities Maintenance

The new Super White Washdown Duty motor from Baldor Electric Company is made to resist corrosion, rust and chipping

Fort Smith, Ark. – Baldor Electric Company has introduced the new Super White Washdown Duty motor.

The motor is designed for humid and moist environments in the food and beverage industry where motors receive sanitary washdowns on a regular basis.

The company says this motor comes with an autophoretic autodeposition exterior surface preparation method, making the white epoxy finish coat of this motor five times more resistant to corrosion and chipping than previous methods. The shaft, hardware and nameplate are all 300 series stainless steel, to prevent rust and corrosion.

The new line of motors also includes labyrinth seals on each end of the motor, enhanced sealing around the lead exit, same size bearings on each end, and a moisture resistant insulation system. Neoprene rubber gaskets on the conduit box ensure a tight, waterproof seal.


A maintenance friendly drain design, with four easy to remove condensation drain plugs, allows thorough drainage regardless of the motor’s mounting position. The distinctive black colour of the drain plugs makes them easy to recognize and their shape makes them easy to remove. A notched fan cover allows easy access to condensate drain plugs without removing the fan cover. Baldor Super White Washdown Duty motors are NEMA Premium efficient and are available from 1 to 20 HP, 56C through 256TC.

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