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New starch offers manufacturers an egg replacement

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Facilities Maintenance American Key Food Products

A new emulsifying starch called Emfix can act as an egg replacement in baked goods and other foods

Closter, N.J. – American Key Food Products has introduced the new Emfix line of emulsifying starches, which it says can be ideal for egg replacement in baked goods and other products.

Emsland Group of Germany developed and manufactures the line of starches. Emsland says Emfix has excellent emulsification properties and can provide vital structure for baked goods, particularly cakes and muffins.

These properties enable Emfix products to mimic egg performance while reducing cost. Aside from bakery products, these starches improve emulsification in salad dressings and cheese analogues.

The egg replacement with Emfix starches makes possible a range of foods for special dietary needs such as egg allergies. Emfix can also help in developing low-fat formulations and those that require a reduction of emulsifiers.

In the production of mayonnaise, Emfix emulsifying starches prove to be economical ingredients that offer opportunities to replace egg yolk without affecting processing performance.  This reduces raw ingredient costs and simplifies manufacturing by improving batch-to-batch consistency.

Emfix starches have long, stable shelf lives and are GMO-free.

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