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Moisture analyzers improve measurement

By Food in Canada magazine staff   

Facilities Maintenance Mettler-Toledo

Mettler-Toledo says its Excellence Moisture Analyzers offer improved results and higher productivity

Columbus, Ohio – Mettler-Toledo says its Excellence Moisture Analyzers HX204/HS153 are easy to use and can offer excellent measurement performance.

The company says the analyzers come with hanging weighing pans, a concept that moves the weighing pan away from the heat of the sample chamber. This can improve measurement results by eliminating adverse thermal effects on the weighing cell.

The analyzers also come with second-generation halogen heating, which can enhance performance with shorter heating/cooling cycles and precise temperature control. The company says the first measurement with a cold instrument is just as accurate as the following measurement with a warm instrument.

Also, with the new analyzers, spilled samples can no longer damage the weighing cell since it’s now located in the back of the instrument. The surface underneath the sample pan is flat and sealed, ideal for fast and easy cleaning.

They also come with the One Click Moisture user interface, which offers personalized shortcuts start tests with one click. Real-time drying curves visualize the measurement, automatic control charts per product trend the moisture content.

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