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Ingredient can enhance gut health

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A new ingredient from WILD Flavors can improve gut integrity

Erlanger, Ken. – WILD Flavors Inc. now offers a natural bioactive that enhances gut health.

Called Tegricel, the company says it can improve gut integrity and rejuvenate damaged epithelial cells and tissues in the intestinal lining.

Often, due to a variety of factors, the GI tract may become breached or abraded.

Probiotics and prebiotics can support digestive health by eliminating bad microflora and creating a healthy gut environment.


The company says preliminary studies revealed that Tegricel is not inhibitory to probiotic bacteria. Tegricel has excellent synergy with probiotics as well as fibre for digestive health.  Inclusion of Tegricel in a probiotic or fibre blend has no negative effect.

Instead, the inclusion of Tegricel may provide a more comprehensive gut health solution wherein multiple bioactive factors are in play simultaneously.

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