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Improve texture, shelf life

A new shelf-stable rice bran from Beneo offers producers added features for their products

Tienen, Belgium – Beneo has launched an optimized shelf stable rice bran called RemyLiVe.

The company says RemyLiVe offers food producers a stable product that encompasses a wide range of nutritional and functional benefits.

The ingredient is hypoallergenic, wholegrain, gluten-free and rich in antioxidants and phytosterols. The rice bran can also improve the structure, shelf life, texture and machinability of food products.

Applications include cereals and bars, baked goods and meat.

In cereals, RemyLiVe can allow wholegrain claims, and can improve bowl-life and crunchiness. Beneo says it can also be combined with other functional ingredients.

For example, when combined with BENEO’s prebiotic fiber, inulin, the result is gluten-free baked goods with an improved nutritional profile and structure. The addition of inulin in meat products offers fat replacement and enhanced texture properties. RemyLiVe rice bran can also be combined with BENEO’s oligofructose, or sugar replacer, ISOMALT, when formulating for sugar-reduction, and improved structure and shelf-life in baked goods.

Food in Canada

Food in Canada

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