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Dayton Progress offers a nanoceramic grease that can help to extend maintenance intervals for food facilities

Dayton, Ohio – Dayton Progress Inc. now offers its new NSF-H1 Food Grade Certified DayLube high-performance grease.

The company says the grease can provide long-lasting lubrication for all types of equipment used in food, beverage and chemical processing facilities.

Nanoceramic particles act as sub-microscopic ball bearings to yield a lower coefficient of friction at all temperatures than traditional PTFE greases.

The nanoceramic lubricating grease does not soften or run out, even after 100,000 production strokes it shows no evidence of breaking down. It has an operating temperature range of -40 F to 800 F, it has high load-bearing properties, a low dielectric constant, does not contain metal or silicone and is resistant to steam, acids and most chemical products.

With its friction reduction and wear resistance, this chemically inert, environmentally friendly product is ideal for a wide range of equipment found in food and beverage manufacturing.

Deanna Rosolen

Deanna Rosolen

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