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Flax Council partners with trait-development company

By Food in Canada staff   

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The Flax Council of Canada has aligned with Cibus Global to develop non-transgenic traits that will help expand and enhance the Canadian flax industry.

The collaboration will develop non-transgenic crop traits that will improve yields for flax farmers and promise healthier flax-based oils for consumers without jeopardizing access to Europe, the world’s biggest flax market, which currently restricts transgenic-based flax products.

About flax


Flax’s omega-3 fatty acids and other nutritional benefits have made flax seeds and oils popular food ingredients.

While Canadian flax is exported globally, 70 per cent of Canada’s flax is exported to Europe.

The Flax Council of Canada is a broad-based, non-commercial association. Its mandate is to promote the use of flax and flax products. 

The Council represents and has input from all sectors of the flax industry, some of which include seed growers, producers, grain handlers, traders, manufacturers, marketing agencies, processors, private and public researchers, educational institutions and governments.

Cibus Global develops advantageous crop traits with far-reaching implications in agriculture, alternative energy and product development.

Through its proprietary Rapid Trait Development System, Cibus creates traits in a directed way with more precision than traditional breeding techniques and without the introduction of foreign genetic material.

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