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Five-layer sheet extrusion system for multi-colored food packaging

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Welex system for multi-colored food packaging

Welex Inc.’s nine-extruder, five-layer sheet extrusion system is for multi-colored striped sheet.

The system sets a new mark for the number of extruders on one die, says Wayne Lewis, Welex president.

The extruders can be configured to provide multiple stripe and layer combinations.

The system produces sheet up to 60 inches wide with a thickness range of 0.020 to 0.060 inches at a rate of 3000 pounds per hour.

It includes a crystal PS gloss layer, a five-color stripe layer, a white layer, a scrap foam layer, and a white bottom layer. The system can also run PP with no equipment changes.

Each mobile-mounted extruder includes a slide plate screen changer and gear pump.

Welex Sentinel color touch screen modular control interfaces are incorporated into each extruder and the sheet take-off. They report to the central Super Sentinel supervisory workstation, which provides line status and maintain recipe storage.

WelexConnect! technology is preinstalled for mobile monitoring, troubleshooting, actuating, or software updating.

The sheet profile is monitored by a Scantech x-ray gauging system which controls the Welex Autoflex thermal expansion bolt-actuated die.

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