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Food in Canada   

Facilities Maintenance equipment

Eckert Machines offers specialty machinery for wine, juice and beverage production. It also offers bulk raw product handling through processing to finished goods handling.

Bulk materials handling:

  •     bulk bag, drum and tote handling
  •     product cleaning and bulk storage systems

    Conveyors for product, container and package handling:
    •    belted, vibratory, modular plastic
    •    for screening product – remove extraneous or foreign material
    •    inspection, metering, collection and distribution


    •     continuous belt press or batch rack & cloth
    •    crushers, heat exchangers and related processing equipment


    •    Bottle and can fillers
    •    Bag-in-box filling for non-carbonated beverages

    Blower systems:

    •    Clean or dry bottles or cans, before or after filling; prior to labeling, coding or casing.
    •    Blow-off systems for conveyors or other critical process areas

    Optical/Electronic sorting machines, including X-ray for the ultimate in product safety.


    Waste handling & reduction: static, rotary or vibratory screening. Grind, squeeze, pump your waste to consolidate and reduce handling fees, and help safeguard your local environment.

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