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Decrease humidity and keep it cool

By Food in Canada staff   

Facilities Maintenance Advantix Systems DuCool line

A new technology can keep facilities cool with relatively low humidity and help keep costs down

Advantix Systems has introduced its DuCool line of products for the food processing industry.

The company says in hot, moist environments, such as food preparation and meat processing plants, this new product line can cut down on cooling costs compared to more traditional HVAC systems.

Food processing plants in humid climates often struggle to maintain low humidity levels without spending considerable amounts of energy.

With Advantix Systems’ liquid desiccant systems, the humidity is treated effectively, eliminating condensation issues or high-energy costs.


The technology can enable optimal temperature and humidity levels without overcooling.

And by passing through the brine solution, the Advantix units can remove approximately 91 per cent of the airborne microorganisms and 80 per cent of particles larger than five microns in a single pass.

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