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Ross Industries’ new Boundary Layer Control Impingement Tunnel offers a hygienic design, and improved sanitation and food safety

Midland, Va. – Ross Industries has introduced the next generation of its Boundary Layer Control (BLC) Impingement Tunnel.

The Ross BLC has a newly designed, modular, cam-lock panel construction that can improve the hygiene and sanitation requirements of all types of chilled and frozen products, including ready-to-eat products.

The company says the system also has new NSF-approved cam-lock panels that are constructed of urethane foam wrapped in stainless steel.

The mating panel edges are closed tight with hygienic, compressed gaskets and cam-lock latches. It’s this new BLC construction that helps prevent water ingress and provides the highest level of cleanability, sanitation and food safety.


The modular design of the cam-lock panels also allows easy expandability of the BLC tunnel for future capacity rate increases.

The system features new, high-efficiency fin coil evaporators. And can include new small end-box dehumidification coils to prevent moist air from entering.

The Ross BLC can rapidly and economically chill or freeze fresh products, and is typically used to chill or crust-freeze meat sub-primals, freeze flat products or produce free-flowing IQF products such as nuggets, meatballs, fruits and vegetables.

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