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Company develops system for deboning dark meat

By Food in Canada magazine staff   

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The OPTI-LTD system from Foodmate can debone whole legs, thighs and drumstricks

Ball Ground, Ga. – Foodmate US offers a flexible dark meat deboning solution that can debone whole legs, thighs or drumsticks all on the same machine.

The company says its OPTI-LTD Dark Meat Deboner can process both regular and large chickens and can debone 100 pieces per minute.

It’s also capable of meeting all boneless leg meat specifications while providing increased yield and higher meat quality.

The system can process both left and right legs at the same time without having to separate the legs. The company says the deboner can remove the meat with low bone content left in the meat and leaves the pin bone on the leg which can cut down on manual trimming.

The OPTI-LTD’s design makes it easy to clean and maintain.

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