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TIC Gums new product can replace the amount of guar gum used and improve thickness

TIC Gums has a new product that can replace guar gum on a one to one basis for instant (powdered) beverages.

The company says Ticaloid GE 306 is a blend that can reduce the overall use of guar gum. This is accomplished while also improving the thickness of the finished beverage, a function that guar alone cannot provide.

Ticaloid GE 306 is for instant beverages like lemonade and other powdered drinks.

Demand for guar gum is up over 200% compared to 2010 and tight availability will continue in the immediate future, says TIC Gums.

The blend of ingredients, which still contain a reduced level of guar, is cold-water soluble and has comparable qualities of 100% guar gum. Ticaloid GE 306 provides a clean flavour profile and improved mouthfeel over guar gum.

Deanna Rosolen

Deanna Rosolen

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