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CIGI has more funds for market development

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The Canadian International Grains Institute received $15 million in funding to help it develop new markets, and offer more technical support and customer care.

Winnipeg – The Canadian International Grains Institute (CIGI) received a sizable investment towards its work on market development, technical support and customer care.

JoAnne Buth , CIGI's CEO, and Gerry Ritz, minister of Agriculture, announce funding of $15 million to Cigi.

JoAnne Buth , CIGI’s CEO, and Gerry Ritz, minister of Agriculture, announce funding of $15 million to Cigi.

The $15 million in funding, which is coming from the federal government, was announced this week.

CIGI says the funding reaffirms its work as an independent technical institute. And, says JoAnne Buth, CIGI’s CEO, the funding “will allow us to carry out the promotion of Canadian field crops and the Canada brand worldwide on behalf of farmers and industry through our educational programs and training for customers as well as technical missions overseas.”

CIGI has worked to develop and maintain international markets and provide technical support to customers in their use of Canadian field crops since 1972.


In 2013-2014, CIGI delivered 63 programs involving more than 2,200 international domestic participants.

Fifteen missions were held in 33 countries, covering more locations than ever in a single year.

CIGI is also planning nearly 60 programs and missions for 2014-2015 as well.

“Canada’s emphasis has always been on the quality, consistency, and reliability of its crops and Cigi works with the field crop industry to ensure that buyers are aware of the quality characteristics of each year’s crop,” says Buth.

“Cigi provides on-going technical assistance, training and visits to customer countries to maintain these markets and open up new opportunities. The AMP funding as well as the farmer check-off on wheat and durum ensures Cigi will continue this important work to position Canadian field crops in the domestic and international marketplace.”
Cigi is an independent market development institute created in 1972. More than 39,000 people representing grain, oilseed, pulse and special crops industries from 115 countries have participated in Cigi programs and seminars.

Cigi’s mission is to create a global advantage for Canadian field crops through the delivery of technical expertise, support and customized training to the domestic industry and customers around the world. Cigi is funded by farmers, the Government of Canada and industry partners.

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