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Canada’s domestic Halal market is valued at $2 billion annually. Fueled by over 1 million Muslim Canadians, Halal is a rapidly growing opportunity for Canadian producers. We have been reliably certifying Canadian clients for 30 years and our well recognized HTO Halal certification mark is found on many store shelves. Whether you produce intermediate or finished products, Halal certification will bring solid value-added advantages to your business. Let HTO help you certify your products today!
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The Sprint 2 Dicer builds on the technology of the DiversaCut Sprint® Dicer and is inspired by the longstanding Model G. Accepting an infeed product up to 6.5" (165.1 mm) in any dimension, the dicer offers a stainless steel sanitary design throughout with the food zone completely isolated from the mechanical zone.
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Food in Canada has earned the highest degree of trust and respect within the industry serving the Canadian food and beverage processing industry. Download the media kit to learn more about how to partner with Food in Canada on your next advertising campaign.
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