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Take the grassfed challenge

October 28, 2014  
Food in Canada

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GreenSpace Brands Ltd.

Toronto – GreenSpace Brands Ltd. (formerly Life Choices Natural Food Corp.) is rolling out dairy products under its new
RollingMeadow105x150brand Rolling Meadow Dairy , and is asking consumers to take the grassfed challenge.

The products include milk, yogurt and butter – and all the products are made with dairy from 100 per cent grassfed cows. The cows graze on pasture as long as Canadian weather allows.

The company says its cows are raised with only non-GMO feed and no added hormones and stimulants. The milk the cows produce is high in omega-3s and CLAs (conjugated linoleic acid).

The products are now available in Longo’s stores, Whole Foods Markets and independent retailers across Ontario and Quebec. They’ll soon also be found in Loblaw, Metro and Sobey’s stores.



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