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Super smooth & silky

July 25, 2016  
Food in Canada

GetAttachmentThumbnail-8Black Fly Beverage Company is bringing innovation to the largest spirit category in Canada with the launch of bob’s SUPER SMOOTH Vodka. True to its name, bob’s SUPER SMOOTH is a unique, premium whey vodka that delivers what it promises — a super smooth, silky and remarkably drinkable vodka. “To craft bob’s SUPER SMOOTH, we take the highest quality distillate and blend it with Ontario spring water drawn from a source that Canadian Geographic calls ‘the purest spring water on the planet’,” explains Black Fly Co-Founder Rob Kelly. “The result is remarkably smooth vodka that can be enjoyed neat, on the rocks or rockin’ your favourite mix.” Unlike traditional vodka that is made from potatoes, grain, or corn, bob’s SUPER SMOOTH is made from whey, and contains no grain, no lactose and no gluten. bob’s SUPER SMOOTH is triple distilled, charcoal filtered and has little to no burn.


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