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Smarties options for Egg hunts

April 11, 2017  
Food in Canada

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Just in time for Easter, egg hunts and Easter bunny visits!

Nestlé’s Smarties has introduced a selection of treats perfect for Easter and egg hunts.

The peanut-free treats come in Smarties Easter Treat Size (with Hide-Me boxes), a Smarties Bunny Canister, Smarties Mini Chick, Smarties Easter Friends (package of three), Smarties Egg Hunt package, Smarties Eggs (package of three) and Smarties Egg (individual chocolate egg filled with Smarties).

One portion of Smarties, which is 15 , equals 70 calories. All Smarties from Nestlé’s factory in Toronto are made with 100 per cent sustainable cocoa certified by UTZ as part of Nestlé’s Cocoa Plan.

The factory makes 3.52 billion Smarties every year. 


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