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Remarkable risotto

October 4, 2016  
Food in Canada

risotti-canada-porcini-2011-dxRiso Bello has a reputation for producing some of the world’s finest risotto rice, and this year, they are celebrating 160 years of uniting families around the dinner table with their lines of premium rice, specialty grains and ready meals. Now available in Canada are two varieties of the company’s risotto rice and four flavours of Risotto Pronto (delicious and easy risottos that are ready in 12 minutes). The two types of Risotto Rice are Arborio and Carnaroli. Arborio is the most well-known risotto rice, characterized by an always al dente and milled grain that allows for good absorption, resulting in a creamy, flavourful risotto. Carnaroli is known as the “king” of risotto rice, with a firmer grain that keeps its shape during the slow cooking process, resulting in risotto that is al dente yet creamy at the same time. As for the Risotto Pronto, it comes in four delicious flavours: Vegetable, Asparagus, Cheese, and Mushroom.


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