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Premium frozen meals

June 8, 2017  
Food in Canada

frozen meals

Nestlé Canada has shaken up the frozen food aisle with its new launch called Marketplace Cuisine.

The company says in a statement that the new brand is a “premium product for the frozen meals aisle.”

Frozen meals have always been a convenient option for time-strapped consumers.

In the statement, Nestlé says “the freezing process of the ingredients allows consumers to enjoy seasonal products all year round and preserves the nutritional qualities and flavours of the ingredients. These benefits, coupled with an elevated recipe assortment never before seen in this category, constitute the core strategy of the newly launched Marketplace Cuisine.”


The new line includes organic, gluten-free and plant-based protein options. Marketplace Cuisine offers eight chef-inspired recipes, including Butternut Squash Ravioli, Vermont White Cheddar Mac & Cheese, Cheese & Bean Enchilada Verde, Mexican Beans and Rice, Sesame Chicken, Sweet Sriracha Braised Beef, Chicken Pecan, and Tortilla Crusted Fish. 


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