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Premium craft apple cider

July 5, 2017  
Food in Canada


Sun-Rype Products Ltd. has launched a new Premium Craft Apple Cider that might feel like déjà vu.

Back in the 1950s the BC food and beverage manufacturer had launched Canada’s first hard cider, says the company in a statement.

The new cider’s package, says the company in the statement, “features an adaptation of the retro Sun-Rype logo, circa 1946, accented with a graphic representation of the Okanagan Valley.”

The new SunRype Cider is made with apples from BC and is gluten-free and locally brewed in small batches.

“But don’t think it’s going to taste like the apple juice you grew up with,” says Kat Hillis, SunRype’s Marketing manager. “The profile is definitely all ‘grown up’ and delivers a deliciously crisp, dry, refreshing finish.”

The marketing campaign’s theme is called “It’s about time.” The statement says this is a reference to the fact that Sun-Rype has been manufacturing a variety of products with BC apples since 1946.

Photo: From Sun-Rype website


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