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Pasta for babies

June 15, 2016  
Food in Canada

Felicetti Organic, Ancient Grain Pasta for BabyFelicetti Pasta Company has launched a line of organic, ancient grain pastina (tiny pasta) for babies in Canada. Felicetti’s Pasta for Baby comes in two shapes: tiny stars (stelline) and mini tubes (coralline) in two types of grain: organic ancient emmer wheat and organic ancient durum wheat. Each is enriched with Vitamin B1 to ensure healthy bones and growth. The pasta is non-GMO and rich in protein and fiber, with a naturally nutty flavour.

Pasta for Baby is small in size and easy-to-swallow, and is therefore perfect for babies over six months of age. The pasta differs from many others on the grocery shelf, as it’s the only 100-per-cent organic ancient grain pastina for babies. Felicetti’s traditional Italian ancient grain pasta, with its pure flavour, is an ideal introduction for baby to solid food and new tastes. The company uses only pure, chlorine-free Dolomite Mountain spring water, which they combine with these exceptional organic grains for a food that’s genuine, healthy and safe.

The full line of Felicetti pasta is available in Canada at fine gourmet shops including Whole Foods, Pusateri’s, MacEwan’s, and Sweet Potato in Ontario; Urban fare, Choices, and Green Market in Vancouver; and Avril and Tau in Quebec.



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