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Partake releases limited-edition Pickleball Pils in collaboration with APP Tour

May 16, 2024  
by Food In Canada Staff

limited edition
Partake Brewing
Pickleball Pils

Partake Brewing has released a new limited-edition, Pickleball Pils brew in collaboration with the Association of Pickleball Players (APP) Tour.

The new brew style, launched in March, has only 25 calories. This limited edition is designed in collaboration with the APP Tour to celebrate the fastest-growing sport in America.

l”I’ve always been a beer lover and so I set the bar extremely high, non-alcoholic beers included! Partake goes well beyond that with their amazing selection of great-tasting NA beers and I don’t have to compromise on my health and fitness. I can celebrate wins in a big way and get right back on the court without missing a beat,” said Nick Slater, professional pickleball player and former pro tennis player.

Ted Fleming, the founder of Partake Brewing, said, “Non-alcoholic options are becoming more popular as part of the ‘better for you’ lifestyle, indicating a move towards healthier living choices, including activities like pickleball.”


Partake is the official non-alcoholic beer for the 2024 Association of Pickleball Players (APP) Tour, blending the brewery’s acclaimed range of low-calorie, non-alcoholic beverages with the popularity of pickleball.

The partnership is marked by the introduction of a novel community initiative known as the Partake Community Hero Award. At each 2024 APP Tour stop, this award will honor individuals who have made noteworthy personal contributions to their local pickleball communities.

“We’re very pleased to have a wonderful partner in Partake to bring their passion and refreshing beverages into our pickleball community,” said Ryan McSpadden, APP chief revenue officer. “Now with the addition of Pickleball Pils, our world-class events just got even more delicious.”

Partake’s lineup includes IPA, Pale Ale, Hazy IPA, Blonde, and Peach Gose, all ranging between 10-30 calories.

Partake’s Pickleball Pilsner is available at all 2024 APP tour stops. Limited-edition pickleball mixed packs are also available at select retail partners across Canada and the US.

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