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Nano-CBD Iced Teas

April 20, 2018  
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Vancouver’s Phivida Holdings Inc. has launched Nano-CBD Iced Teas for gut health.

The company says the Nano-CBD Iced Tea blends are designed to treat the GI-tract and maximize the body’s ability to absorb orally ingested cannabinoids and phyto-nutraceuticals.

Phivida Launches Nano-CBDô Iced Tea Product Line (CNW Group/Phivida Holdings Inc.)

In a statement, the company explains that Phivida’s Nano-CBD potentiates enhanced bioavailability of cannabinoids (that is, a faster acting, longer lasting, timed released) while preventing oxidation prior to absorption and protection from first-pass metabolism.

Phivida says its products use premium organic phytonutraceuticals inspired from ancient eastern traditions of Ayurvedic plant medicine.


The company’s team includes; naturopaths, nutritionists, and the former chief food scientist for Dole Juices. The company adds that it uses the Wholefoods Acceptable Ingredients List, and maintains vegan, non-GMO, soy and gluten-free, quality and safety tested, and made in the U.S. using Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards.

Phivida products are designed for consumers who want cannabinoid-based treatments but not the psychotropic side effects of THC from medical marijuana (i.e. “cannabis”).

The company says its products use hemp-derived CBD allowing Phivida CBD products to be eligible for sale across the U.S.

Phivida’s Nano-CBD infused Iced Tea line will be available online at: or through participating distributors across the U.S. and Japan, or globally through Namaste Technology affiliate websites.


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