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Mini sausage snacks

October 14, 2015  
Food in Canada

Meat &Poultry

Piller’s Fine Foods has just launched its new Mini Sausage Snacks. The Piller’s Pepperoni, Skinny Bites and Simply Free Minis are free of gluten Piller's Minis Group Shotand MSG. The mini sausages have only 70 calories per pack for the chicken Skinny Bites Minis, and only 50 calories per pack for Simply Free Kolbassa Minis. The Simply Free Kolbassa Minis are also free of all major food allergens, which makes them ideal for a school snack. Each of the bite-size Minis contain 23 per cent meat protein and are packaged to make portioning easy. Each pack contains eight grams of protein. The Minis are available at major grocery stores across Canada at a retail price of about $3.99 and can be found in the deli meats aisle.


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