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June 5, 2017  
Food in Canada

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Corby Spirit and Wine

Corby Spirit and Wine Ltd. has introduced Absolut Lime across Canada.

The company says the beverage is “made with natural ingredients” and has “a distinct

(CNW Group/Corby Spirit and Wine Communications)

note of freshly pressed lime” without any added sugar.

In a statement, Corby Spirit and Wine says it can be used in cocktails such as Lime Drop or Lime Mule.


Absolut Lime is the newest addition to Absolut’s flavoured vodka profile in four years.

“I’ve created many flavoured vodkas in my 30-year career, however, perfecting the complexity of lime has always been a challenge,” says Per Hermansson, Absolut’s director of Sensory Design.

“The blend we’ve crafted for Absolut Lime achieves everything we were looking for, offering a full bodied character that is both complex and refreshing, and like all Absolut flavours, made with natural ingredients with no added sugar.” 


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