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Half-popped popcorn?!

October 28, 2014  
Food in Canada

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Bellevue, Wash. – A curious new snack is coming to Canada called Halfpops.

Halfpops160x265What are Halfpops?

They’re exactly what they sound like: half-popped popcorn. The company says they’re a snack for those consumers who are tired of greasy chips, boring nuts or sugary candy bars.

Halfpops have shed the fluff of popcorn allowing them to offer a satisfying crunch and great flavour. It’s also a gluten-free and nut-free snack option.


Halfpops also do not contain artificial flavours, hydrogenated oils, preservatives, corn syrup or trans fats. In Canada Halfpops is available in Butter & Pure Ocean Sea Salt flavour.

Halfpops can be found in Costco stores throughout Eastern Canada and are packaged in 1.4-oz packs.


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