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Docker Gin & Tonic

May 25, 2018  
Food in Canada

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Muskoka Brewery

Muskoka Brewery launched a ready-to-drink gin and tonic called Docker.

The brewery says the beverage mixes its newly launched small batch Legendary Oddity Gin, which has a refreshing hit of lime, a hint of cucumber, and natural tonic. Docker’s flavour is described as effervescent, with  refreshing twist of lime and slight crisp bitterness. It has a finish that is dry with subtle sweetness.

Docker also has less than half the sugar and carbs that many other pre-mixed beverages have. It has 160 calories, 9.9 g of carbs, 9.9 g of sugar, while many others contain 260 calories, 24.6 g of carbs and 22 g of sugar.

Docker has been in LCBO stores since April and can also be found at Muskoka Brewery.


It retails for $3.05 for a 473-mL can with a four per cent ABV. 


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