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July 21, 2017  
Food in Canada

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PepsiCo Global Snacks Group has introduced a hot new product.

In a statement the company says Doritos Heatwave tortilla chips arrived in Canada in the spring ready to “ignite taste buds” of the “most adventurous snack lovers.”

The chips have a dual flavour: it starts with the initial flavour of BBQ and then once the consumer crunches the chip a chili flavour is released, “causing a wave of heat to flood the mouth for a deliciously spicy sensation.”

Susan Irving, senior director of Marketing, says in the statement that the company “wanted to create a revolutionary new snacking experience that is truly For the Bold and we can’t wait to see how people react.”


The Heatwave chips are available in stores across Canada and are available in the BBQ & Chili flavour in 235-g bags. 


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