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Deliciously drinkable

April 4, 2016  
Food in Canada


Activia from Danone is launching an all-new drinkable format. Available in four delicious flavours (Prune, Strawberry, Blueberry and Pineapple) and made with real fruit purée, the new drinkable Activia brings together all of the benefits of probiotic yogurt in a convenient new format. Each portion contains more than one billion good BL Regularis probiotic bacteria, a probiotic culture exclusive to the brand. “Given that more than 75 per cent of Canadian women recognize that probiotics have a beneficial effect on their health, but only 43 per cent consume them regularly, Activia drinkable yogurt is a new way to take advantage of the benefits of probiotics on a daily basis,” says ACT Shot M4 3D PrGeneviève Bolduc, senior brand manager at Danone Canada. “We want to continue to innovate and offer a variety of options for consumers. The new drinkable Activia will broaden our product offering by diversifying the available range of textures and flavours while highlighting the benefits of probiotics.”


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