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Coconut Milk Kefir to be launched by Maison Riviera

February 18, 2020  
Food in Canada

Health & Wellness
Coconut Milk
Maison Riviera

Maison Riviera, a Quebec-based brand known for its yogurts, is expanding its Vegan Delight product line this year with the launch of a new Coconut Milk Kefir.

Made with coconut milk, the plant-based Kefir is an ideal substitute for milk and super versatile. It can be enjoyed with cereals, in smoothies or just as a nutritional beverage.

The product is available in three flavours: vanilla, plain and raspberry. It contains two billion probiotic bacteria and up to four grams of protein per 188 millilitre serving.

The product also contains vitamins A, B12, D and calcium is added. It is free of dairy products, gluten, and artificial sweeteners.

The drink is also available in an economical size of 946 millilitres.



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