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Bubble tea at home

September 13, 2017  
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Millennials Foods Inc. has introduced ready-to-drink sets of Bubble tea GO consumers can prepare at home.

In a statement, the company says there are two formats (with two or four units) and there are seven different flavours: raspberry, strawberry, piña colada, mango, lemonade, watermelon and blueberry.

Consumers can find the sets in delicatessens, grocery stores (such as Metro and Sobey’s), candy stores and convenience stores across Canada.

The company says “the success of Bubble tea GO lies in our mubbles, those little flavoured juice bubbles contained in a little film. which is barely perceived in the mouth. The mubbles replace the tapioca gems originally used to make Bubble tea.”

Millennials Foods says it offers mubbles in 100-g packages, which consumers can have as a snack, or add to desserts, cocktails and salted dishes. 



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