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A new twist on foie gras

July 9, 2015  
Food in Canada

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Toronto –  A new company called U.R.G Free (as in you are gluten-free) has launched a line of products that offer a new twist on foie gras.

DuckinPhatLogo244x325The company’s brands are called Duckin’ Phat Foie Gras, Duckin’ D-zert, Duckin’ Fudge and Oh’ Fudge.

Duckin’ Phat comes in seven flavours (inspired by the seven Chakras) of savoury foie gras pates including Sweeeet Goat Root (with goat cheese and beets), Sacral Cran Tang (with cranberry, orange and lemon zest), Solar Funion (with caramelized onion and fig compote), I Heart Spinach (with spinach and goat cheese), Deep Throat Orig., Third Oink Maple (with bacon and maple syrup) and Truffle Crown Fungus (with mushroom and white truffle oil).

Duckin’ D-zert, a sweet foie gras pate, comes in four flavours including Reeses Pieces, Smores, Lemon Meringue and Mint Chocolate Chip.


Duckin’ Fudge is a super high-protein fudge made with foie gras that comes in Plain and Lemon Cranberry flavours.

Oh’ Fudge is a not-too-sweet chocolatey fudge that comes in five flavours such as Plain, Mint Chocolate, Smores, Lemon Cranberry and Chili Chocolate.

The company adds that their foie gras comes from humanely raised, healthy ducks from the Rougié Sarlat farmers in Marieville, Que.

Right now the products are found in local and specialty stores in Toronto. Or by e-mail:


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