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June 8, 2017  
Food in Canada

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Piller's Fine Foods

Piller’s Fine Foods says demand for shelf-stable meat is on the rise so it has responded with its new Salami Whips.

In a statement, the company says Piller’s Salami Whips “are semi-dry cured, naturally wood-smoked meat sticks available in 100-g resealable and 15-g single-serve packages.”

The Salami Whips comes in three flavours including Mild (traditional German salami with notes of black pepper and exotic spices), Spicy (traditional Central European salami with robust onion, garlic and habanero notes) and Kabanosy (traditional Polish salami with garlic and paprika).

In the statement, Piller’s explains that the product takes its name from the “buggy whip” shape. While the product is common in Europe, this “is the first whip-shaped product available in Canada.” Piller’s Salami Whips are found across the country in major grocery store chains.


The company says Piller’s Salami Whips “have a tender bite, are rich in protein and free of MSG and all major food allergens such as gluten, milk, peanuts, tree nuts, mustard, sesame, egg, fish, soy and sulphites.”

The average retail price for a 100-g package is $4.99.



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