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Easy smoothies higher in protein

The new Nutrilac YO-8075 from Arla Foods Ingredients makes it easy to produce Greek-style yogurt smoothies with protein and real fruit


Viby Jutland, Denmark – Arla Foods Ingredients has launched a new ingredient that it says will make it easy to produce Greek-style yogurt smoothies that are rich in protein ArlaFoodsNutrilac190x121and real fruit.

The company’s new Nutrilac YO-8075 is a natural whey protein from cow’s milk, which the company says gives manufacturers the ability to use their existing equipment to formulate a fat-free smoothie that is 50 per cent Greek yogurt, 50 per cent fruit and has a protein content as high as 7.5 per cent.

Using Nutrilac YO-8075 protein is cost-effective and green because the process generates high yields and zero acid whey – the controversial waste byproduct associated with traditional Greek yogurt making.

The company adds that Nutrilac YO-8075 can also be combined with vegetables in one straightforward step.


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