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Add flavour, not sodium

Salt of the Earth has launched its Umami-Essence Sea Salt, which adds flavour and can dramatically reduce sodium levels


Atlit, Israel – Salt of the Earth Ltd. has launched Umami-Essence Sea Salt ingredient, which is designed for a range of sauces.

SaltoftheEarthSeaSalt250x167The company says that by using Umami-Essence Sea Salt in a new or existing product formulation can help dramatically decrease sodium levels – in some formulations by up to 50% – while boosting flavour.

The all-natural Umami-Essence Sea Salt is low in sodium and contains no MSG or artificial ingredients.

Umami-Essence Sea Salt is a proprietary blend of sea salts and a natural vegetable extract that provides a distinctive umami flavour.

The company says it can be incorporated into sauces, pizza toppings, salad dressings, Bolognese-style meat sauces, lasagna and other products.

Umami-Essence Sea Salt is highly soluble, vegan and kosher. 


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